Tech Projects   

“So You Want to Work in Tech”

What are the opportunities for bright, creative people who want to work in Boston’s exploding tech sector? We want to show you--with a fresh half-hour TV show and webcast now in the pilot production stage. Here’s the sizzle reel: 

Here are some of the segments we’ve been working on:



Dassault Systèmes’ 3DVIA app helps home and business space designers create 3D models quickly. To get across how quickly, we took a new twist on the traditional white board presentation on the company’s website. T-shirts like the ones the guys are wearing were given away to the first thousand people who submitted their info—and the shirts were gone the first day the video went up (we had to cut out the offer as soon as that happened.)

Contour Designs Ergonomic Mouse

Contour Designs felt the best way to show how their ergonomically-designed computer mouse was better was to explain why directly to consumers. By using Contour’s chief operating officer as the presenter, we put a face on an innovative company eager to drive some forward-thinking products.

North Shore Tech Council

North Shore Tech Council of Massachusetts is always looking for new members to join in their monthly gatherings and special events. Using some of their user-generated video we put this presentation together with them to get the word out.


The Loopd badge tracks event attendees and shows clients where they visited and when. But it does a lot more.


The MIT Enterprise Forum hosts ground-breaking events that bring the international tech community together all year long. Here’s a sample of the Connected Things event from 2016.